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Past and Future Presentations / Publications / Speeches


"Appraisal", Real Estate Taxation (1997)

"Valuation of Golf Courses", Property Tax Journal (September 1995)

"The Valuation of Landfills for Ad Valorem Assessment Purposes", Journal of Property Tax Management (Summer 1995)

"Commercial Real Estate in the 1990's", ylines(April 1993)

"The Chicago Office Market's Vibrant History", Chicago Office(1993)

"Quantifying Business Value at a Regional Mall", Journal of Property Tax Management (Summer 1992)

"Obstruction and Analysis of Rates of Return from the Stock Market", Journal of Property Tax Management (Fall 1991)

"The Need for Definitive Standards in the Real Estate Valuation Process", Presented to ERISA Advisory Council of the United States Department of Labor, Washington, D.C. (October 1995)

"Valuation of Casinos and Racetracks", Presented to IAAO, Legal Seminar, Orlando, Florida (May 1995)

"Valuation and Analysis of Hotel/Motel Properties",Presented to IAAO, San Francisco, California (1990)

"Valuation of Leaseholds and Leaseholds Estates", Presented to IPT, Houston, Texas (September 1987)


Illinois Real Property Appraisal Manual
Cook County, Illinois Appraisal Manual
Assessment Practices of Subsidized Housing in Cook County, Illinois
Capital Stock Procedures: State of Illinois
Railroad Valuation Procedures: State of Illnois


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