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Career Opportunities at REAC - Why work for us?

Professional Integrity and Quality
Learn to do it right at REAC from MAIs with a combined 80+ years of experience. The majority of our work is for litigation support (ad valorem, eminent domain, estate settlement, contract disputes, etc.). This means we have to be prepared to testify and defend our work in court or before various hearing bodies on a local, state or federal level. In nearly 30 years of doing business, REAC has established an enviable reputation for the quality of our work - especially expert witness testimony. Simply put, our work holds up under the toughest scrutiny.

Technology and Support
REAC provides a level of support that is uncommon in our industry. This allows our appraisers to focus on what they do best: Appraise. REAC has invested heavily in technology. We have developed a proprietary report generation program that is integrated with REAC's extensive proprietary Comps Manager. For many property types, you can literally generate a complete report with 90%+/- of the analysis and narrative finished (only minor editing and additions are required). The system provides for significant efficiencies in work production as well as great quality control.

Unique Experience
At REAC, you will have the opportunity to work on a variety of assignments and property types. From the typical industrial, office, or retail property to paper mills, power plants, casinos, and landfills, your experience with REAC will cover a wide range of property types.

Competitive Compensation
REAC's compensation system is market based. Employees have a complete benefits package available including health insurance, dental insurance, expense reimbursements, and 401K plan.

If you would like more information about REAC and our employment opportunities, please contact Robert Dobrzynski at 312-346-1020 or e-mail Robert Dobrzynski

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